Empowering Big Heart Group Home Adults in Tampa

(38) “Self-determination” means an individual’s freedom to exercise the same rights as all other citizens, authority to exercise control over funds needed for one’s own support, including prioritizing these funds when necessary, responsibility for the wise use of public funds, and self-advocacy to speak and advocate for oneself in order to gain independence and ensure that individuals with a developmental disability are treated equally.

Self-determination” holds particular significance for the residents of Big Heart Group Homes in Tampa, as these homes are dedicated to providing support and care for adults with disabilities. In this context, self-determination takes on an even greater role in enhancing the quality of life for these individuals.

  1. Empowering Residents: Within the Big Heart Group Homes, self-determination empowers residents with disabilities to exercise their rights and make choices just like any other citizens. It recognizes that they should have the freedom to decide on various aspects of their daily lives.
  2. Control Over Support Funds: Self-determination extends to financial matters, including the control over funds needed for one’s support. Residents of Big Heart Group Homes have the authority to manage these funds, allowing them to shape their support systems in ways that align with their unique needs and aspirations.
  3. Individualized Care: With self-determination, individuals can prioritize their support funds based on their current needs. This personalized approach ensures that the care they receive is tailored to their evolving requirements, contributing to their well-being and independence.
  4. Advocating for Equal Treatment: Self-advocacy is a key component, enabling residents to speak up for themselves and advocate for their rights. This advocacy plays a crucial role in ensuring that individuals with disabilities, including those residing in Big Heart Group Homes, are treated equally and with the respect they deserve.
  5. Community Inclusion: Self-determination also promotes community inclusion. It encourages residents to actively participate in the Tampa community, fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing their overall quality of life.

In the unique context of Big Heart Group Homes, self-determination becomes a guiding principle that not only empowers individuals with disabilities but also ensures that the services and support provided are person-centered and aligned with their goals. It reflects the commitment to treating these individuals with dignity, respect, and a strong belief in their potential for self-fulfillment and independence.