About us

H i my name is Robert Merced and I am the Owner of Big Heart Group Home. As I begin to to tell you about the history of Big Heart first let me start by saying that our unique organization is continuously evolving and improving our methods
to better serve our consumers.   Big Heart Group Home is a very special place that brings out the best in people including our consumers and our staff.

required TRAINING & BACKGROUND CHECKS of big heart staFF
All management and staff are regularly trained and must complete vigorous local and state mandated training courses and background checks. Big Heart staff members are always up to date with all required training and background screening


Choices and rights
core competencies both components,
intro to DD and health and safety
HIPPA Basics
Medicaid waiver Services agreement and its attachments
new license facility orientation certificate
reactive strategies
incident reporting
HIPPA patient privacy and security
personal outcomes to establish a person centered approach
documentation error prevention certificate
Medicaid waiver documentation requirements

Zero Tolerance
First Aid
Basic life support
Cardio/Pulmonary Resurrection
Aids HIV and Blood borne pathogens
Medication Administration
High School Diploma
Graduate of University state of New York
Multiple certifications from Tallahassee Community College
Served for four years as the Facility Director of Mercy Homes and Sisters Of Mercy


Local Background checks performed from the local sheriff’s office.
Required Finger Prints
Extensive nationwide background checks performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)