Group Home

What is a group home?  The easiest way to define a group home is to describe a residential setting with a group of people that live together. What sets a group home apart from the average home is the many benefits that are made available to its residents. There are many different types of group homes that specialize and cater to residents within a certain criterion. For example, there are group homes that concentrate on specific age groups just like there are certain group homes that specialize in specific conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Schizophrenia etc. Most of these group homes are staffed with professionally trained care takers that specialize in certain conditions. Apart from the staffs (resident specific) training they are also required to have certain Health and Safety training's such as First Aid and CPR. Now as of 2019 when this article is being written most group homes must be licensed by the state and are regularly monitored by state agencies for quality care. Another important fact is that now all licensed group homes must have very thorough local and nationwide background checks for all providers and any staff members. Group homes are now usually inspected on at least a monthly basis by state agencies to monitor the quality of care as well as the health and safety of its residents.