Group Home | Hurricane Irma | Update 1

Big Heart Group Home –  Temporary Evacuation

Big Heart Group Home in Tampa was well prepared to ride out Hurricane Irma, our area had an emergency evacuation order from the county. We evacuated to a hotel until the storm passed and fortunately the storm did not cause any damage to the Big Heart facility. But now that the storm has passed we are back up and running and prepared to assist other providers who may have the need to relocate their consumers due to damages or power outages. We currently have 3 beds available and our staff is prepared to assist.  Please do not take unnecessary chances that can turn out to be fatal like the unfortunate situation in  “HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – At least eight people have now died and 115 people were evacuated from a hot South Florida nursing home, which is still without power after Hurricane Irma.” 

We are here to help ! Contact Elena Soto at  813-500-2686 or