At Big Heart group home in Tampa Florida, we specialize in the residential habilitation of young men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With over 20 years of experience in residential habilitation our professionally trained staff is well prepared to provide meaningful services and quality care for individuals with special needs. Big Heart group home strives to provide a caring, family oriented environment that teaches and encourages personal growth and development. The following skills are some of the areas that we tend to focus on: 
• Cooking & meal preparation 
• Cleaning & maintaining a household 
• Responsible money management 
• Efficient use of spare time 
• Social skills & developing safe relationships 
• Stranger danger & community safety 
• Traveling safely & utilizing public transportation

Group home staff member feeding resident with developmental disability

Big Heart Group Home Vacancies

As of 03/19/2019 WE HAVE 3 VACANCIES

In our group homes in the Tampa Bay and Town N Country areas we provide a variety of services and supports for people with developmental disabilities. For more information please fill out the form below or contact Elena Soto via email at

Group home staff member putting on residents shoes.


Learning new skills in a group home like making a bed or just cleaning your room sets the stage for success and independence.

Group home resident learning how to make his bed.
Group home resident learning how to do activities of daily living.
Group home residents having a birthday party


Living in a group home today is a great opportunity for people with developmental disabilities  to be a bigger  part of society and to build relationships with new friends and neighbors in there group home and in their communities.

Group Home Resident learning the value of money.


At Big Heart Group Home residents are taught the value of money and the concept of purchasing items and the importance paying bills on time which is an essential part of becoming independent.


A part of being independent is having the skills to participate and contribute to your community. Our Group Home specializes in providing the training and support to  individuals with developmental disabilities in the skills necessary to become independent productive members of their communities.

Group Home resident in a good mood and dancing.


At Big Heart group home our professionally trained staff works with each of our consumers on a 1 to 1 ratio daily. We assist the consumer to work towards and achieve a higher level of independence while always respecting and adhering their personal choices and rights. Because no two people are the same the levels of assistance and training that we provide vary from consumer to consumer. Some of our consumers may require higher levels of assistance with the basic tasks and the necessities of daily living. For example, they may need physical or verbal assistance with things such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and transferring. Most of these basic life skills are taught through carefully planned, repetitive task and exercises aimed at improving life skills and self-sufficiency. Our group home in Tampa Florida is conveniently located in the heart of Town N Country and provides our consumers with easy access to many community resources.

Group home residents bedroom.
Robert Merced the owner of Big Heart Group Home.

Group Home  Mentors

Making a difference in the life and development of other people is an extremely gratifying and fulfilling experience.


Feeling loved and accepted by your peers and your community and building confidence in yourself while accomplishing your goals and becoming more independent.

Group home resident gets new clothes.
Group home resident gets a smiley face for doing his chores.
Group home resident playing with his new Phone.
Group home trip to Walmart.

Big Heart Group Home 


Creating memories that last a lifetime

Group home residents and staff celebrating Christmas.
Group home staff member shaving resident.


Big Heart Group Home is a wonderful place for people with developmental disabilities to live and receive the services and supports that they need to become more independent and active participants in their communities. If your looking for the perfect group home in Tampa FL , call us today and well schedule an appointment for you to come visit our facility and provide you with a tour. Big Heart Group Home is a great choice! This group home is truly awesome !

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