waiver services that you can switch without approval from apd

The iBudget Waiver allows flexibility 
THE IBUDGET WAIVER ALLOWS SOME FLEXIBILITY  that you can use to switch from one service to another.  For example if you are approved for one service but then you decide that you are not happy with the service, as per IBudget, you are provided the flexibility to switch the service to another service  and the funds can be transferred to the new service.
The information below came straight from page 2-95 of the 2020 IBUDGET HANDBOOK 
The iBudget Waiver allows flexibility to move funding within the following service
families without prior approval from the Agency for Persons with Disabilities also known as APD:life skills developmentpersonal
supportssupplies and equipmentdentaltransportationAll service
changes to flexible services must be in accordance with those preapproved
flexible services currently approved in the recipient’s iBudget. If other flexible
services are needed that are not currently preapproved, the WSC must contact
the regional office for approval. 
The WSC can make these changes in the service authorizations as requested
by the recipient or legal representative and can move funding from one quarter
to the next or from a future quarter to the current quarter as needs change.

WSC can move unused units of a service from one quarter to the next quarter
up to the end of the fiscal year depending on the needs of the recipient.
For a change in service providers requested by the recipient or legal
representative, the WSC must do the following: 
• Contact the outgoing service provider by phone prior to a change being
made in order to reconcile what units have been provided but not yet billed. • Change the service authorization to reflect the number of units that are
appropriate to be billed for the remainder of the service authorization period.
The notice of change in service authorization should be given in advance
and be for at least 15 days (unless mutually agreed upon for less time. Best
practice would be for agreements to be in writing between the WSC and
provider). • Contact the recipient or legal representative to verify the time frame of the
change in a service provider.
• Document in the “Notes” section of APD iConnect that the outgoing provider
has been notified of the service authorization end date. • Ensure a new service authorization showing the end date of service and
utilization approved for the time period that remains is available to the
outgoing provider in APD iConnect. • If no services were ever provided or billed by the outgoing provider, an
amended service plan must also be available to the former provider to
ensure services are not provided. The new provider will obtain their service
authorization from APD iConnect. Prior to the implementation of APD
iConnect, the information shall be entered into the APD iBudget system, and
the service authorization shall be sent to the provider by the WSC.

If you have services from apd, you might be able to switch services
Only the following specific services can be switched at your request  approval from the agency for disabilities. life skills developmentpersonal supportssupplies and equipmentdentaltransportationAs per the IBUDGET the following services can be switched at your request 

Here is a link to the entire 2020 Ibudget Handbook

iBudget Waiver Handbook