Group Home


A group home is a place were a group of  people live together in a supervised environment. in most cases the residents are usually unrelated but not always. Sometimes  in certain situations siblings are able to live together if this is there choice and  if they choose not to be separated. There are many different types of group homes that will each  be described at a later time on this website but for the sake of this article we will be talking about all group homes in general. 

Today's group homes are more focused and usually only specialize in the care of people with specific special needs. For example a group home may specialize only in the care of individuals with Schizophrenia within a certain age group like 0-. For health and safety reasons group homes are usually licensed to care for people within a certain age range and or condition

For example there are  group homes that specialize in the care of people with developmental disabilities and  whom will only accept  people with these specific  Additionally group homes are also broken down into many  special categories. For example one group home may only cater to  people with a minimal diagnosis of a developmental disability while another will specialize in caring for aggressive and sometimes violent residents.

 and by the level of care necesary for careing .

what to look for in a GROUP HOME ?

Important things to consider about group homes
who owns it
do the owners live on site
does the staff speak you language